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Septic Installation & Repair

Septic Installation & Repair

Barefoot Septic & Sewer, Inc. is the only contractor you will need for complete installation, repair, and maintenance of your septic system.

We have been designing and installing septic systems in the Greater Rochester Area since 1961.

We have the equipment and expertise needed to trouble-shoot your system and advise you of the necessary repairs. We can replace the baffles in your tank, replace faulty piping, replace your distribution box, replace the septic tank, alter and/or replace the wastewater plumbing in your basement, repair or add-on to your leaching system, install a whole new leaching system, or install a complete new septic system at your home. No job is too large or too small for Barefoot Septic & Sewer, Inc.

backyard, beforeEvery installation or repair project begins with an accurate evaluation of the problem. You can trust us to get to the bottom of the issue and come up with the best solution.

We have over half a century's worth of experience evaluating septic systems in all different site conditions. Every site is different with different soil conditions, percolation rates, space availability, slope of the ground, access availability and other important factors. We can work with your local permitting authority to arrive at the best, most affordable repair option for your individual site. We can provide the "percolation tests" and/or "deep hole test" needed to arrive at the appropriate design.

backyard, afterWe use only the best materials in the industry. We can get your system working properly again with expert installation of septic tanks, pumping stations, distribution boxes, drop boxes, standard conventional leach lines, stone area beds, drywells, modified raised fill leach fields, shallow trench systems, mounds, full raised sand leach beds, or any other type of septic system.

When the installation is complete and the work has been inspected, we will backfill the affected site to a rough machine grade. If you would like us to return after the ground has settled we can provide a finish grade with a bobcat skidsteer and rockhound. We can also reseed the site and mulch the affected area.  

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