Our septic tank pumping services are available year round.

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Septic Service around Rochester, NY

Barefoot Septic & Sewer, Inc. proudly serves ALL of Monroe County and the Rochester, NY area (including Ogden, Pittsford, Riga, Rush, Spencerport, Wheatland) and ALL of Livingston County (including Avon, Caledonia, Consesus, Dansville, Geneseo, Groveland, Leicester, Lima, Livonia, Mt. Morris, Nunda, Ossian, Portage, Sparta, Springwater, West Sparta, York) as well as eastern Genesee County, Western Ontario County, northeastern Wyoming County, southeastern Orleans County, and western Wayne County.

At Barefoot Septic & Sewer, Inc. we make pumping your septic tank an easy, painless, efficient procedure. 

If your are experiencing any problems with your drains or system it may be necessary for someone to be home when we come to pump the tank so that you can run water to ensure the drains are all working properly when we are finished. We can often pump your septic tank when no one is home. We require payment when the pumping service is provided. We accept cash, check, or credit cards. We always ask that you leave a water hose available for our use, if possible. We will use to rinse things down, ensuring thorough and clean job. Many newer septic tanks are equipped with an effluent filter in the outlet baffle. A water hose is needed to rinse this filter off as well.

As our septic tank pumping services require that we travel to your house, we assure you that we will take the utmost care to respect your home and property. Our drivers are trained and experienced. Our trucks are equipped with 200 feet of hose so that we can pump your tank from your driveway or the side of the road. We will not damage your lawn or property.

The septic tank is usually buried in the ground in the yard near your house.

The top of the tank is usually buried less than one foot deep. Sometimes the homeowner prefers to dig out the cover(s) to the septic tank before we get there to pump. If you would rather have us do the digging we are happy to do so for a small additional digging fee. If the tank is more than one foot deep we will recommend that a “riser” is installed on the cleanout opening(s). A riser is an extension that brings the cover closer to the ground surface, making it easier to locate and dig up every time the tank is pumped.

Having trouble locating your septic tank?

Not to worry. We can find it for you. Our expert technicians can often locate the tank quickly using a simple probe. If we have trouble, we have radio-transmitter location devices that can be used to find that elusive tank. And rest assured, after we have located the tank, excavated the covers, and pumped out the tank, we will take accurate and detailed measurements so that it’s location will never be farther away than a quick search into our computer database.

There are many different types and styles of septic tanks.

Septic tanks usually have three covers on top, an opening at the inlet of the tank, a center “cleanout” opening and an opening at the outlet of the tank. If the septic tank has two compartments, then two covers must be exposed so that the tank can be pumped out thoroughly. it is important to pump the tank through the proper openings. If tanks are pumped through small baffle openings, the baffles can be damaged and the tank can not be pumped out thoroughly.

At Barefoot Septic & Sewer, Inc. we take great care to pump your tank out thoroughly and completely. We appreciate the trust you place in us to check the condition of your tank and baffles. Any problems or concerns will be reported to you on your invoice.

When we pump your septic tank we will take carefully detailed notes and measurements about the type of septic tank you have and the depth and location of the cover(s) needed for pumping. This information is entered into our database so that we will automatically have it next time you call.

Barefoot Septic & Sewer, Inc. also provides commercial pumping services

Remember; you can never get your septic tank pumped too often. Many people do not get it pumped frequently enough. This often results in the need for expensive, inconvenient repairs.

Plan ahead!

Call to get your tank pumped  before birthday parties, weddings, family get-togethers, and other special occasions to ensure that the system performs properly for you and your guests.

A properly maintained septic system and a healthy, clean environment in your yard and property is just a phone call away! If we do not hear from you again in three years after we pump your tank, we will send you a reminder card.

Our prices are reasonable and our service is the best in the business. Ask us about “neighborhood discounts” when three or more neighbors schedule their septic tank pumping at the same time.

The importance of maintaining your septic system can be compared to the importance of maintaining your car’s engine. The responsible automobile owner knows that the car’s oil should be changed every few thousand miles. If you do not change your car’s oil periodically, your car’s engine will eventually fail. The same holds true for your septic system.

Pumping your septic tank is the most important aspect of maintaining your septic system. Most septic systems should be pumped out every 2 or 3 years depending on the size of the tank and the number of people using the system. In some cases when a large number of people are using a small tank, the tank needs to be pumped annually or semiannually. If the septic tank is neglected, solid waste will escape from the septic tank into the drainage system. The solids will plug up the perforations in the leach lines and the soil itself.